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IN THE NEWS: Knudson Light-Gauge Steel Framing Machines Featured in Garage, Shed & Carport Builder Magazine

‘Best In Class’

Knudson Mfg. Aids Builders In Pursuit of Excellence

If you build steel-framed sheds and garages, delays in sourcing cold-formed steel (CFS) components can cause significant building delays. If you can get higher quality components – and get them faster than your competitors – it gives you a competitive edge. “One of the biggest solutions is getting into the business of fabricating your own components,” said Patrick Flood, Vice President at Knudson Manufacturing of Broomfield, Colorado.

Knudson has a long history of innovating when it comes to metal-working machinery. The company began manufacturing the first portable roll forming machines for making gutters on jobsites way back in 1957. Within a few years, the company had developed machines that formed roof panel, fascia, soffit, and valley panel. Knudson has since transitioned out of nearly everything except coldformed steel framing components in the North American market.

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