I want to thank you and the guys from Beck for the incredible customer service we have received during the setup of our new machine. Being 4 and 5 hours behind in time zones, it is difficult to get timely service. The fact both you and Beck have taken my emails and calls well into your evening hours is greatly appreciated. 

It’s not just the fact you answered the phone, you guys actually took the time via FaceTime and remotely logging into our controls to make sure our machine was running to meet our needs to fulfill our customer’s orders. 

Seriously, off the chart incredible customer service! Thanks to both of you for the after-hours and weekend help!  

By the way – we are stoked with the machine and its performance. We ran all the 16 Ga 6-in material without any issues, changed over to 22 Ga 3.5-in – from the first stud they were running out perfectly straight without any fine tuning – amazing!  

Scott Coulter - President / Hawaii Steel Framing

Mr. Buglewicz purchased his first Knudson roll former in 2005. It remains in operation today and has produced multiple millions of lineal footage. Sound Metals roll forms steel lawn edging utilizing a large variety of steel products, including Cold Rolled, Galvanized, Stainless, Aluminized, and Painted Steel Coils. Mr. Buglewicz purchased his machine as a custom product.  

The Knudson Roll Former has answered the challenge each and every day. What an unbelievable value, backed by great parts and service. The key to small business is a reliable return on investment. Thanks to Knudson, it’s a dependable return.

Tim Buglewicz - President of Sound Metals

Knudson machines are solidly built, reliable, and affordable. Quality of the final product of stud and track are excellent. All machines are very easy to use and adapt easily to the local electrical hook­ups in the eastern European market. Our customers give Knudson machines an outstanding review and are seeing their profitability grow and grow.

Victor Zaporojets - Technology and Support at Royal Systems

The Knudson FRAMEMAKER® machines are compact and easy to move from one place to another.  The machines are fairly priced and are affordable for start­up, small, and medium­sized businesses.  They are very reliable, not requiring too much training (2 days is plenty).  They are also easy to fix very quickly and efficiently in the rare case that troubleshooting is needed overseas or cross­country, with direct support by phone using photos of the problematic part of the machine. 

The FRAMEMAKER® machines can run 3 shifts nonstop and are available to run immediately after the coil is acquired.  The changeover from size to size is approximately 45 minutes, but this controls the cost of the machine which would be many times more expensive if it had automated changes involved.  Knudson is the #1 company in the world regarding cost, dependability, and return on investment.

Leon Fidler - Technology and Support at Royal Systems

In Latin America, the word Knudson means durability.  Knudson quality is for life.  We have customers who have been using the KR-18 and it has been working for them for over 30 years.  I really like it that Gary Knudson is always innovating in the metal industry and that he changed the way the metal roof is built.  Before, we were using a metal roof but we used screws to hold the panels to the building, which led to leaking.  Gary innovated a system that no longer uses screws and instead uses clips to hold the panels to the building, eliminating the leakage problems.  The KR-18 is now exclusively used for building roofs for large retailers in Mexico including Wal­Mart, Home Depot, Casa Ley, and Soriana.

Mario Fierro - President of Fierro Metals

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