TIMELINE 1957-2017



Knudson Mfg., Inc. remains fully equipped to produce high-quality equipment for the metal roofing and framing industry, world-wide. Gary still designs for the company with continued development of his often patent-attainable ideas. He remains the President and CEO of Knudson Manufacturing and still enjoys seeing new products developed and produced by his company.

June 2017


Knudson Framemaker machines are forming most of the recognized standard light-gauge steel products used around the globe.


Computerization of the framing production process brings in world-wide business once again and is the main focus of Knudson Manufacturing’s business to this day.


Gary now has received approximately 75 U.S. and foreign patents on the equipment Knudson Manufacturing produces. The gutter machine market is no longer lucrative and Knudson Manufacturing begins to phase out of it. Gary focuses on the portable metal roofing machines.


Gary of Knudson Manufacturing, Inc. is featured on the front page of Metal Construction News Magazine.


Knudson continues to build gutter machines for U.S. and world markets. Renewed effort in the steel framing business results in moderate growth in a new direction.


Gary develops leaf-free (hooded) gutter machine systems and patents its own system (K-Guard) resulting in an improved system.


Knudson sells K-Span and Super-Span Manufacturing Systems to a company in the Washington, D.C. area that has the capability of doing world wide business in metal buildings and other structures.


Gary buys a 50,000 square-foot facility on 16 acres of land in Broomfield, Colorado. The purchase pays off well by 1982 when the company branches out into metal roofing and some framing machines.


This is the last photograph of Art Knudson taken before he passed away at the young age of 63.


Knudson sales are booming and Art decides to sell out to Gary in 1971. Gary goes after the business with renewed vigor developing a dozen or more new machines for the metal industry.


Gary re-designs the gutter machine a second time to produce the “1700”, which proves to be his first successful U.S. patent and results in the sale of approximately 12,000 portable gutter machines made in the Knudson name for the next 30 years. In addition, Gary and Art work on other designs and products including the K-Span arched metal building system for on-the-job production of “Quonset” type steel framing. Gary receives 9 U.S. patents on the machinery and process and an additional 5 on a longer revision of the system with 20 or more corresponding foreign patents.


150 gutter machines are produced and the company moves to a 10,000 square-foot plant in Commerce City, Colorado.


Knudson Manufacturing, Incorporated is formulated by Art and Gary.


Gary partners with his father Art at Knudson Enterprises. 50 machines are produced for the entire country with improved distributor-oriented marketing and machines redesigned by Gary to produce pre-finished aluminum gutters.


Gary Knudson, Art’s son, begins to install gutter systems with his father while serving in the National Guard and completing his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Art continues through 1965, building and selling a few dozen gutter machines in Colorado and the Midwestern U.S.


Art moves to Colorado where business is more profitable. He designs a gutter machine and starts a gutter business in Denver.


Cedar Falls Iowa, USA: Arthur L. Knudson designs and builds his first portable guttering machine in his basement.