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Where do I get my coil?

This is one of the most common questions our sales team receives when customers are contemplating a purchase of a machine from us. Let’s face it…we’ve all been beginners many times in our lives and so it is not surprising at all for us to hear this question. Unless you already have your own coil supply lined up, you might need some help.

Big steel mills require big money to purchase coil directly from them in order to get to base market price of steel for their projects. Imagine Costco on steroids…you’re not just buying in bulk for your family or even for a family reunion like you would at Costco; you’re investing in supplies from an imaginary Costco On Steroids for your whole neighborhood of a hundred houses if you go directly to a steel mill. Most businesses, especially start-up companies, do not have the capital to invest in the bulk needed for cost savings on coil from steel mills. And because the steel industry is known to be quite volatile, it seems very difficult for a start-up owner to compete in the steel coil market.

So what is this start-up owner to do? Thankfully, there are steel brokers all over the U.S. and overseas who can afford to purchase directly from the steel mills, hold on to the steel coil for several months, and protect the new business owner from the volatility of the market while offering a closer-to-mill price on coil. Brokers carry all kinds of steel coil: you can get your steel hot- or cold-rolled, made with different alloys; you can choose different levels of galvanization, and make decisions about many other specifications. Many brokers carry other metals too, including aluminum coil with options for painted coatings to be used to provide the colors on aluminum metal roofs.

With Knudson Manufacturing, you get to make the choices. Your first choice will begin with whether our machine line can offer what you need. We have multiple models and profiles for you to choose from and are happy to help you figure out what product(s) will be right for you and if they are not, you will never be pressured to buy. If you find what you need, then we can help you with many more things to get you up and started:

We have been in the industry long enough to help our customers get set up within a network of steel coil brokers to choose from.
We will help you every step of the way in finding the best coil for your needs and we will help you make contact with the right broker to speak with.
You get a-la-carte options for everything from the ground up of the base model of your machine. You even get to decide whether or not you want a cover to protect it.
For framing in particular, you get to choose whether you wish for no tooling or for multiple tooling options on your framing machine.
For tooling options you will choose whether you wish for controllers and software if you need punching.
Whichever controller and software combination you like best, we will help you get them added to your machine.
For printing, you decide whether you wish for your products to be printed, and if so, whether you prefer a standard or a high-end printer.
Once your order arrives, we will assist you in getting everything set up and moving full-speed ahead!
Making choices is not always the simplest thing to do. Many times start-up companies need guidance. That is exactly why we are here. We do not stop at sales. Our mission is to provide the most cost-effective way for customers to increase profitability and grow their business, through our innovative and highly durable products backed by personalized customer service. It is our pleasure to serve you from the very beginning through years after you have purchased from us. The growth of your business is our top priority.

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