GARY KNUDSON Owner, President, and Chief Innovator
PHONE: 1-303-469-2101

Having processed and received over 100 patents (both domestic and worldwide) Gary practically grew up in the metal business. He initially worked for his father Art Knudson, who founded the company in 1957 using his garage to make gutter machines. Gary began designing gutter machines beginning on day #1 of his employment for his father, back in May of 1965. Subsequently, Gary bought his father out of the business and has run Knudson Manufacturing in an ownership and CEO position since 1970. Gary’s many machine designs have been sold globally since then. He remains active as our Owner and President, still overseeing plant operations and management of contracts. As our Chief Designer he is still obtaining patents for his new and innovative ideas which he creates for the manufacture of our machines and equipment.

PATRICK FLOODExecutive Vice President
PHONE: 1-303-469-2101

A 1990 US Naval Academy Graduate, Patrick served in USS Lake Champlain (CG-57) as the Assistant Combat Information Center Officer and the Main Propulsion Assistant. He started at Knudson Mfg., Inc. in 1994 in research and development, working in roll forming machinery design and development for ten years before graduating to the General Manager’s post in 2004. Later, Patrick joined Jobsite Steel Manufacturing in 2011 where he cultivated their roll forming fabrication systems, CAD software integration, and mechanical assembly systems. Patrick took the reigns as CEO at Jobsite Steel in 2015 and helped grow the organization from a regional manufacturing entity to a national concern. We are honored that Patrick has since rejoined the Knudson team in May of 2018 as the Executive Vice President, eager to help continue building Knudson’s reputation for quality, durability, and success.


Operations Director

PHONE: 1-303-469-2101 ext 4222

Clete has been working for our company for 17 years, gaining a tremendous history of experience with our machines. His loyalty to Knudson Manufacturing is without precedence. He is thorough, conscientious, and diligent in overseeing production of manufacturing equipment in a cost-effective manner. He looks out for the best interest of the customer and is quickly responsive to customers’ needs.


Business Development Manager

PHONE: 1-303-469-2101 ext 4242

Erin was initially trained in behavioral health care with a Master’s Degree from Northwestern University and is still licensed to practice in the State of Colorado. She also has a history of experience in her own home-based business and was one of the top 10 Rookies in sales in the U.S. for this entity. She has recently chosen to come and work for Knudson Mfg., Inc. as she is part of the Knudson family. We enjoy her spirit, energy, enthusiasm, and innovative mind in furthering our marketing and sales efforts at Knudson Manufacturing. Her number one goal is to impact the businesses of our customers by assisting them in turning their best visions for their companies into realities.


Product Design and Development Manager

PHONE: 1-303-469-2101 ext. 4225

Bill has two decades of experience in the roll-forming industry and fulfills a much-needed role in innovating and developing the equipment Knudson manufactures for the global market. He is a whiz on Autocad and Solidworks software and effectively provides digital design, renderings, and programs for efficient production of machines in our manufacturing plant.


Financial and Office Manager

PHONE: 1-303-469-2101 ext 4231

Always willing to do what the job takes, Kim performs myriad tasks from keeping the company books, cost accounting, and financial records, to interacting with accounting and other legal services and insurance. She has maintained loyalty to Knudson Manufacturing for 13 years and our company benefits greatly from her consistency, accuracy, and diligence in performing her duties.