Framemaker KFD-2025

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Framemaker KFD-2025

Our KFD-2025 Drywall Stud Machine produces economically efficient studs with 1 ¼” flange heights. Track can be produced with a toe-in feature that allows the studs to be snapped into place in the track. Punched holes can be conveniently positioned in the studs to facilitate the installation of plumbing and electrical wiring.

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Product Specifications


CONTROLLER PROVIDERS FOR KNUDSON FRAMING MACHINES (Customers for Framemaker Platinum System, KFS-1420, KFS-1622, KFD-2025 can choose AMS or Beck S-II Controller. Accessory KFS-35C, KR-18 Black, and KR-24 only offer a Beck Cobalt Controller, no other options.):


SOFTWARE PROVIDERS FOR KNUDSON MACHINES (Customer can choose Strucsoft or Vertex):