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Gary Knudson, our president, owner, and Chief Innovator at Knudson Mfg., Inc., is always working to develop new and unique products that will fulfill your needs as a customer in the Cold-Formed Steel Industry.

He remains very healthy and active, and despite being in his late 70’s, he shows continuous motivation and vigor because he loves to create our products!  Here is a Sneak Peek at a few under development currently:

  • A Machine That Can Roll Up To 12-Gauge Steel.  Trending in the Cold-Formed Steel Industry continues to focus on lighter-gauge steel.  However, there is the occasional need for a project that requires using heavy gauge steel.  This machine will produce a variety of structural studs and track using up to 12-gauge steel, with a width of up to 12” and leg heights up to 2 ½”.
  • A New Truss System.  Gary’s new Truss System will combine new machine and assembly methods to produce various types of structural trusses.
  • A New Decking System.  Gary’s new Decking System will use a newly designed machine to produce steel decking for concrete floors in both residential and high-rise buildings.
  • A Newly Patented Product to be unveiled this fall.